Puma Names

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Puma Names

Many of us have more than one name at birth, such as middle names, but usually use only one. As we grow up family and friends may give us nicknames that we will grow accustomed to and answer to. But it’s rare for us to have more than a few names at a time. Sure, we have our birth name, one group of friends may have a special nickname for us, while another may call us something different. This is often the extent that our names will differ. The animal kingdom can be similar in many ways. You will find the scientific name for the animal and the common name. In many cases there are more than one common name for the same animal, usually because of either cultural of geographic differences. But few come close to the number of different names that a puma has. In fact, there are dozens of different puma names.

The Puma is the mammal with the most names in one language. You don’t have to look too far to begin to see the list of different names. 

Brief list of different puma names:

  1. Puma
  2. Mountain lion
  3. Cougar
  4. Catamount
  5. Mountain screamer
  6. Painter
  7. Florida pantha
  8. Devil cat
  9. Silver lion
  10. Wild cat
  11. Mexican lion
  12. Sneak cat
  13. King cat
  14. Deer cat
  15. Red tiger
  16. Deer tiger
  17. Puma Jardine

As you can see, with 17 names in English we have barely touched the surface of the number of names that a puma has, and remember, these are only the ones that are in English. The Guinness Book of Records lists the puma as the animal with the most names in English, over 40.If you can think of any more let us know below in the comments.


Puma Names


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