To Some People Dentists Are Worse Than Spiders

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scared of dentist or spiders

I can pretty much guarantee that as a child growing up one of your greatest fears was going to the dentist. It’s a fear that just about everyone experiences at some point in their life. And who can blame you, right? Who relishes the opportunity to undergo an intense plaque removal session, or in more serious cases, a root canal? The fear is often related to a fear of pain, be it from the needles or drills, or it can be from a bad experience in the past.

But what scares you more? A spider or a dentist? Did you know that many people are more afraid of the dentist then they are of a spider, and that most people list it as one of their top ten fears? Although a fear of spiders, known as arachnophobia, can be described as a rational fear by some, the reality is that both a fear of spiders or the dentist are both irrational. A fear of dentists however can have drastic consequences for the health and well being of the sufferer. More so than a person who is suffering from arachnophobia.

For those who suffer from a fear of dentists it can have dramatic consequences for both their dental health, and general health. If you are afraid of a spider what’s the worst that can happen? You don’t go near the spider, or you get someone to squash it. In a similar fashion to those who are scared of dentists, they usually avoid going to see them, even when it is absolutely necessary. This can cause not only major pain and discomfort, but in more serious cases it can result is very serious health complications that require hospitalization.

Unfortunately you can’t stomp on a dentist like you can stomp on a spider.



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