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There’s a Shrine in Indonesia, the Gunung Kemukus, Where Muslims Go to Commit Adultery

Indonesia shrine adulteryThis is certainly out of left field. For those who don’t know, Indonesia is a predominately Muslim country. In Indonesia adultery is an illegal activity. Yet despite many Muslims being conservative, there is a shrine in the Javanese village of Solo that hosts the most unusual of practices. Once every 35 days, devout Muslims will flock to the shrine to commit adultery with strangers. But why?

Believe it or not, but many believe that by committing adultery at the shrine it will bring them good luck. This is in stark contrast for most people who engage in the activity who will usually face criticism and embarrassment, or in Indonesia itself, criminal charges. The entire activity is steeped in history and mysticism.

The hilltop Islamic shrine near Solo, Gunung Kemukus, in Indonesia is the location for the extramarital sex. At the shrine there’s a lone grave that is said to be the resting place of prince Pangeran Samodro and his stepmother Nyai Ontrowulan. Legend has it that they ran away together and lived at Gunung Kemukus. Many believe that if you do something even more shameful there, such as having an affair, it will bring you good luck. But it can only be done on Jumat Pon, which is when the Friday meets the five days of the ancient Javanese calendar. This occurs every 35 days.

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