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Tue. Oct 15th, 2019

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In 1970, only months after being released, he murdered Judge John H. Wood, Jr. Judge Wood came to the attention of organized crime due to his harsh stance on drug dealing. Judge Wood’s murder was the first of a federal judge in the 20th century. For this crime he was sentenced to two life terms.

When he was arrested in 1981 it made headlines. Up until this time Woody Harrelson knew nothing about his father. He left his family when Woody was only young, and remained estranged for years. When Woody heard of his father, he made contact again, despite the news about his father being less than delightful. Woody ended up making regular visits to his father in prison until his death in 2007.

While Charles Harrelson was only ever convicted of two murders, it is likely that he was involved in many more. He has been overheard boasting about the rich and famous people that he has been involved in killing, and has even claimed to be the killer of JFK.


woody harrelson his father

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