The World’s Fattest Pole Dancer Is 252 Pounds (114kg)

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LuAyne Brown pole dancing

As Marty McFly would say, this is heavy. The world’s fattest pole dancer tips the scales at a mind bending, or is it pole bending, 252 pounds (114kg). LuAyne Brown, the 29 year old mother of two from Maryland is a size 22. That’s typically twice the size and weight of a typical pole dancer. So why is it that LuAyne Brown decided to become the world’s fattest pole dancer?

So here’s what we know about dancing on a pole. Most men love and appreciate the figure of a woman gyrating their body around a vertical pole, provided it isn’t their own daughter. While the rewards can be extremely gratifying and bountiful, the performance art is generally associated with eroticism. Typically seen in strip and night clubs, they have become synonymous with erotic stripping. But while it is a pleasure to watch, and generally considered a dance reserved for the red light districts of cities, it has started to become a very popular mainstream dance routine. Women from all backgrounds are now participating, and learning hope to perform what was once considered a solely erotic dance. And what many people may not know is that the performance requires athleticism, strength, flexibility and endurance. So knowing that, why would a fat woman want to be a pole dancer?

The world’s fattest pole dancer, 252 pound LuAyne Brown, decided to start pole dancing following the birth of her first child. Before she became pregnant she was actually a top quality cheerleader. When we say top quality, we mean top quality. LuAyne was a two-time National Cheerleaders Association All-Star Cheerleader. So she had the know how and skills, but perhaps not the body anymore. However, despite her athletic past, as most women know, pregnancy has a tendency to change the female body, and she was not immune.

After she had her first child in 2004 her body changed, and she gained weight. She knew it was going to stay that way, and looked for something new to try. She was lacking confidence in herself and needed to try something to boost it. Who would have thought that pole dancing would have been this thing that did exactly that for an overweight woman?

When she attended her first pole dancing session she was nervous and a little hesitant. But when she saw that the studio was full of women of all different shapes and sizes it made her much more relaxed with the decision she had made.

She has appeared on America’s Got Talent, and uploaded several videos to YouTube where she has gained a bit of a cult following. LuAyne now travels the country where she competes in the pole dancing circuit. She hopes to be able to turn her hobby into a career one day, which is technically possible.

I’ll never be a size two and I’m cool with that. Why should it matter what size my hips are if I can dance?

~252 pound LuAyne Brown on pole dancing

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world's fattest pole dancer


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