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Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

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10 Deadliest Theme Park Accidents

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9 King’s Island – Mason, Ohio, USA. June 9, 1991 – 2 Dead

If it rains, it pours. When things are going wrong they seem to keep going that way. This was the case on a June 9, 1991 which saw 2 catastrophes occur on one day at the one place.

It all started when a man fell into a pond at the park. It’s hardly looking like a life threatening scenario at the moment, but it would soon turn deadly.

The mans friend, 20-year-old William Haithcoat, and 20-year-old park employee Darrel Robertson entered the pond to help the stricken man, however all three men received an electric shock. Unfortunately Haithcoat and Robertson both died, and the man who started the turn of events survived the ordeal. But the day wasn’t yet done.

Around an hour later 32 year old Candy Taylor fell from a ride called the Flight Commander. The fall killing her instantly.

Since this tragic day King’s Island theme park is believed to be haunted. An episode of SyFy channel’s Ghost Hunters was filmed at the park in 2012.


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