21 Facts Nobody Needs to Know, but Want to Know

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Time for a list of 21 facts nobody needs to know.

1 Buffalo Hump’s Real Name Was Po-cha-na-quar-hip (erection That Won’t Go Down)

Leading our diverse list of facts nobody needs to know is what I would call a socially awkward name, or cruel parenting.

Buffalo_Hump Po-cha-na-quar-hip

Buffalo Hump, whose Comanche name was Po-cha-na-quar-hip, was a Comanche chief who rose to prominence in the mid 1800’s. He found his place in American history following the Council House Fight in 1840, where a group of unarmed Comanche ambassadors, under the truce of a white flag, were slaughtered by members of the Republic of Texas. This slaughter left a taste of bitterness in the minds of the Comanche. Later that same year, Buffalo Hump (Po-cha-na-quar-hip), organised the greatest raid ever. He organised his warriors, and other Comanche bands, into what would become known as the Great Raid of 1840. He led his warriors from the western plains of Texas to the cities of Linnville and Victoria on the Texan coast. By the late 1840’s and 1850’s he successfully negotiated a peaceful surrender.

So now you have a very brief history of who Buffalo Hump was, but why is know by that name and not his native Comanche name? It appears as though most Americans refused to use his real name or even the translated version of it. Perhaps the English version of his name was a little uncomfortable for most to say aloud. The reason? Po-cha-na-quar-hip in English means Erection that won’t go down.


2 How You Get Rid Of Your Dead Cells

Facts Nobody Needs To Know

With the  minute by minute cell replacement that takes place in our bodies every day, it leaves a few burning questions. While our body is creating new cells on a cycle that will only end the moment we die, our body is also in the process of the shedding of dead cells. Clearly we won’t be able to accommodate them in our bodies until the day we die, so what happens to them? How don we shed the dead cells.

Shedding of dead cells, the simple process

We have already learned that cells in the body die and get replaced with new ones, which is a constant process and required to live a long and healthy life. But what happens to all the dead cells in your body when they get get replaced? It’s rather simple really. What happens when you have a drink of tea, coke or juice? Your body flushes the content that it doesn’t require right down the toilet. The same thing happens when the body begins shedding dead cells. They get processed by your kidneys and removed from your body when you go to the bathroom.


3 Is Neil Degrasse Tyson Atheist or Agnostic?

Famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has often been claimed to be an atheist. This claim was made publicly available on his Wikipedia page and possibly millions of people have read it. But is Neil deGrasse Tyson an Atheist? Well according to him he isn’t. He is agnostic, but said “at the end of the day I’d rather not be any category at all.” Read about his rather funny experience with Wikipedia and the question about him being an atheist or agnostic. You can also watch the video above.

An agnostic is someone who takes a view that certain claims, especially those surrounding deities, are unknown. They are basically undecided whether or not a god exists, but are open to the idea that one does if it is proven.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson even has a Wikipedia page that says he is an atheist. When he discovered it he changed it to say he was agnostic. Only one week later when he checked it again it was changed back to him being an atheist. So he went back in and changed it to “Neil deGrasse Tyson, widely claimed by atheists is actually an agnostic.” At the time of writing this his current Wikipedia page no longer refers to his personal religious views.

4 Origin of Dumbbell As a Name

dumbbell origin

I must admit it, I used to think that dumbbells were named dumbbells as a derogatory response to those who use them the most. AKA, not the brightest spark in the room or the sharpest tool in the shed. Oh boy was I in for a surprise. The origin of dumbbell is actually steeped in history.

Dumbbell origin

Until relatively recently, if you wanted to press iron the only way to do so was to either iron your own shirts (just kidding) or use rudimentary tools. Such examples could have been stones or heavy logs. The problem with items such as these was inconsistent weight distribution and difficulty with handling which made effective workouts difficult and cumbersome. Clearly there must have been a better way forward, but the technology and expertise wasn’t yet available. Enter an item available in every town. The bell.

When people started using dumbbells for exercise the action used resembled those used by bell ringers. But there was a persistent problem. A bell ringer rings bells, and they ring. These guys didn’t ring bells, even though the action used was the same. But they had a solution for this.

Clearly there was no sound emanating from the action, and it was in fact noiseless, or dumb. And that’s the origin of dumbbell as a name. Not so dumb after all.


5 Chocolate Fights Tooth Decay

Chocolate Fights Tooth Decay

As if we needed another reason to eat chocolate, but this one is to satisfy the demands of our dentists. It appears as though eating chocolate can fight tooth decay. So how can it be that a sugary sweet that is supposed to cause our teeth to rot actually be the tooths saviour? We can thank the cocoa bean.

How can chocolate fight tooth decay?

The main ingredient of chocolate is the cocoa bean. A study conducted at Osaka University in Japan has discovered that the main ingredient of chocolate, the cocoa bean, stops mouth bacteria in its tracks. After three months studying the effects of the extracts of the cocoa bean husks on rats they found that the anti-bacterial benefits of the extract offset the high sugar concentration.

In the mouth there are billions of bacteria, even after thoroughly brushing, and this bacteria turns the sugar in food into acid which eats away at your teeth. So, eating chocolate combats the bacteria in your mouth preventing it from turning the sugar into acid, and hence saving your teeth from decay.

While eating chocolate to fight tooth decay might sound like a super idea, excess consumption can have its pitfalls. It is still recommended to brush, floss and rinse for a healthy mouth.


6 Duct Tape Was Used to Repair Helicopter Rotor Blades

duct tape helicopter

Is there anything duct tape can’t do? It has so many uses and so versatile. The popular program, Myth Busters even did a segment on how many things it can do. Did you know that duct tape had one of its hardest tests during the Vietnam War when it was used to repair rotor blades of helicopters?

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One of the very first uses of duct tape was a military one. During World War II it was used as a flexible sealant for ammunition boxes. After the war it found new uses. Duct tape  has been used in car racing, on duct work and even to make a wallet. It has a reputation as a quick fix, solve all solution, something that the Vietnam War would test.

But without a doubt duct tapes toughest test would have been during the Vietnam War. The versatility of the tape proved useful in balancing rotor blades during the war. But even more surprising was that duct tape was used to repair helicopter rotor blades!

It has even been used in space. During every mission since the early Gemini days, duct tape has been stowed away in case of an emergency. It saved the lives of the Apollo 13 crew, and was also used to repair the damaged Lunar Rover during Apollo 17.


7 Coregasm is an Orgasm from Exercising


Imagine if you were able to reach orgasm without any form sexual provocation, or even trying to reach an orgasm. It seems that it is possible, for women at least, and it’s called coregasm.

Corgasm’s were once thought to be nothing but an urban myth, but researchers have recently discovered that they are a real thing, how they work, and how to achieve them.

A coregasm is caused by nothing more than exercise, specifically the abdominal and pelvic region. While exercising this region it causes the muscles to compress the erroneous areas of a woman. Normally this would not stimulate anything, but continuous repetition can lead to an orgasm, provided one missing link is present. The woman must be aroused, or make the body think she is.

Exercising produces endorphins and dopamine which are required for an orgasm. These hormones combined with the tension in the abs and pelvic region is what causes a coregasm.
While not all women can achieve a coregasm, those who do rarely enjoy it. Most women surveyed about the effects of a coregasm said that they felt self conscience about exercising in public places, in case they lost control during an orgasm. But that doesn’t say it didn’t feel good, and in the privacy of your own home it could be pleasurable.


8 Does Fair Skin Wrinkle More Than Dark Skin?

does fair skin wrinkle more

Here’s a little trivia for you. Does fair skin wrinkle more than dark skin? It seems like a fair question to ask, as people with darker skin appear to have a much more youthful appearance for their age compared to those with paler complexions.

So do you want the answer to does fair skin wrinkle more than dark skin?

The answer is a resounding no. While it certainly appears as though people with fair skin wrinkle more, the reality is that regardless of the color of the skin, wrinkles will eventually strike. But people with a darker complexion do have an advantage when it comes to wrinkles.

Did you know fair skin people wrinkle earlier in life than dark skinned people? But before you run out for a tan keep reading… Sun exposure causes changes to not only our skin, but also the fat beneath it. It’s the changes in the fat under the skin that cause the wrinkles to begin to appear. People with a dark skin have a higher degree of tolerance to UV rays that damage fair skinned people, so these age related changes come later in life. So getting a tan won’t help in avoiding or delaying wrinkles, it may even accelerate the process.

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9 Star Treks James Doohan Was Shot Six Times on D-day

james doohan shot

Did you know that James Doohan, aka, Scotty from Star Trek was shot? To be precise he was shot a total of six times while serving with the Canadian army on D-Day, and it was from friendly fire!

James Doohan is best known for his acting role as Scotty in Star Trek. He was born in Vancouver, British Colombia in 1920, and passed away at the age of 85 in 2005. At the outbreak of the Second World War, Doohan joined the Royal Canadian Artillery and was commissioned as a lieutenant. In 1940 he embarked for England to actively participate in the war effort.

His first combat role was during the D-Day invasion of 6 June 1944. By all accounts it was initially a successful campaign for Doohan. He has shot two enemy snipers before leading his men through an anti-tank mine field. But that would be where his luck seemed to run out.

While moving between command posts, James Doohan was shot by a nervous Canadian sentry. He received six gunshot wounds. Four went into his leg, one in his chest, and one into his middle finger on his right hand, which had to be amputated. He hid this injury during his acting career, and hardly anyone knew about his lost finger. It wasn’t all bad luck though. As luck would have it, the bullet that was fired into James Doohans chest hit a silver cigarette case, almost certainly saving his life.


10 The Origin Od Memes

i look so ugly meme

We have all seen them somewhere. They are extremely prevalent on Facebook and other social networks. They can feature  cats, dog,  famous people in certain poses, and less famous people who gain an unfortunate stereotype from their association with the subject matter. They are memes. Memes quite often make light of different situations, and some get used and used and used, while some are a meme of the moment, taking an opportunity from an event that has recently occurred. How many people have thought in the slightest bit what memes mean or who invented the term? Now we will tell you the origin of memes.

The word meme was developed by world renowned ethologist, evolutionary biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins. When he came to prominence through his book The Selfish Gene, which he published in 1976, his book contained the word meme. He described a meme as any cultural entity that an observer might consider a replicator of a certain idea or complex of ideas. His idea was that a meme is a copy of the original, but modified with new ideas, resulting in new memes. His coining of the term took refuge in other authors that led to the emergence of memetics, although Dawkins has distanced himself from this.


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