21 Facts Nobody Needs to Know, but Want to Know

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11 Giant of Castelnau Was a Human That May Have Stood over 11 Feet Tall

Giant Of Castelnau

The giant of Castelnau is probably the tallest human to have ever walked this earth. The remains of the giant were discovered in a Bronze aged cemetery in 1890 in France. What’s even more amazing about the discovery is that experts believe that this one human was part of a race of giant humans.

How tall was the giant of Castelnau?

The tallest verifiable human to ever live was Robert Wadlow who stood at 8 ft 11.1 in (2.72 m). In anyone’s books that’s an amazing height, towering over most people. But compared to the giant of Castelnau he wasn’t anything special, and may have been below average height! The anthropologists who made the discovery estimated that the person would have stood at 11 ft 6 in (3.5m).

Scientists who have studied the bones have concluded that they certainly belong to the human beings, but a much taller race of people. While most experts feel that this individual may have had some form of abnormal growth, they generally agree that he was part of a race of humans who grew to amazing heights. Throughout France, other bones of similar sizes have been discovered leading some experts to conclude that the giant of Castelnau may have not been that tall when compared to his contemporaries.


12 William Shakespeare and Miguel De Cervantes Both Died on the Same Day But 10 Days Apart, Think About It


You may have read the title of this fact and thought, how is that possible? Well prepare for a little history lesson on the calendar.

This spectacular anomaly that allowed two famous authors to dies on the same day, although ten days apart was down to the calendar, religion and politics. For centuries Europe used the Julian calendar, the calendar that was devised by Julius Caesar. Over the centuries it was proving to be inaccurate, slipping behind the natural seasons. Pope Gregory XIII recognised this problem and called for it to be corrected. The main reason the Pope wanted the calendar corrected was because Easter was not being recognised on the correct day. When the Gregorian calendar was adopted by the catholic church in 1582, protestant England would not accept the decision of a catholic Pope, and consequently stayed with the Julian calendar.

When William Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616, England was ten days behind the new Gregorian calendar. Ten days later Miguel de Cervantes, who lived in catholic Spain died. It was the same date, not the same day. When England finally adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752, the number of days the Julian calendar was behind was now eleven days.

The Julian calendar persisted for centuries. In fact Greece did not adopt the Gregorian calendar until 1923.

It is because of this amazing coincidence of dates that UNESCO declared April 23 The International Day of the Book.


13 The Original Color of Hulk Was Gray

hulk original color gray

In the comic book world there are some characters that are instantly recognizable to most people. There is Superman, who wears his underpants on the outside, obviously missing the purpose of underpants, and his blazing red cape. Spiderman with his red costume that is emblazoned with cobweb detailing. Batman who wears a black costume and mask that is shaped like a bat. There is also the Hulk, who is huge and green. But he wasn’t always green. The original color of the Hulk was gray.

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Why was Hulks original color gray?

When Stan Lee and Jack Kirby originally crafted the Hulk character he was going to be gray in color. They had to sideline their original color plan thanks to the printing presses. For the first few issues of The Hulk, he was gray in color, but the printing press had trouble printing the gray. The Hulk kept coming out green. After the first few issues Lee and Kirby decided that it might be easier to stop fighting the printing press and work with it, hence his famous green color.

As a side note to the original gray Hulk. He didn’t portray the widely known persona that he is so famously known for. He was originally crafty, surly and much more like a Mr Hyde ripoff.


14 Blowing Your Nose Makes Congestion Worse

blowing nose congestion

The blockage, stuffiness or running of mucus from your nose can be embarrassing and is often seen by others as a warning sign to steer well clear of you. When you are suffering from congestion caused by hay fever, cold or flu, most people would try to alleviate the stuffiness by blowing their noses. But how would you feel if we told you that blowing your nose to alleviate the congestion was actually making things worse, not better?

Now, if you’re like most people the thought of allowing your nose to dribble snot uncontrollably down your face would be unthinkable and akin to a nightmare. You are after all an adult, not a prepubescent child. So why don’t you blow your nose to relieve congestion, and what should you do instead?

The reason you don’t blow your nose to help with congestion is that when you do so it actually reverses the flow of mucus into your sinuses and it also slows the drainage, which causes even more congestion. If the stuffiness is caused by a cold, flu or hay fever, blowing your nose can also move the irritant or infection back up into the sinuses, prolonging the symptoms. The best thing to do, even though you may not like the sound of it, is to allow your nose to drain. But if you need to, use fewer tissues and blow less often.

15 Johnny Depp Has a Clown Phobia

johnny depp clown phobia

Yep, Johnny Depp has a clown phobia. It may seem utterly ridiculous, but to him it seems logical. But why does Johnny Depp have a clown phobia?

A fear of clowns is called coulrophobia. As with many phobias, the sufferer often has their own explanation for it or can explain the reasoning behind it. In Johnny Depp’s case it’s the makeup.

In an interview with The Courier Mail, Johnny Depp revealed his clown phobia. He clarified the reason behind his fear by saying it’s impossible to distinguish behind their painted on smile if they are happy or about to bite your face off. Depp continued by saying that there appeared to be a real darkness just under the surface which has the potential for real evil.

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While you may think that his reasoning is near on lunatic at worst, Johnny Depp’s clown phobia is one that many people all around the world suffer. Although each individuals reasoning may be different. If they look like the fellow in the picture, I guess I’d be scared out of my wits also.


16 Flags Are Flown At Half Mast To Make Room For An Invisible Flag Of Death

Why fly flags at half mast

Flying flags at half mast, or half staff which is it’s official term , is a tradition that has been used worldwide for centuries. It often signifies an official mourning marking the loss of a significant person or persons or as a mark of respect. But have you ever wondered why flags are flown at half mast? The traditional reason is rather surprising.

Why fly flags at half mast

The tradition of flying flags at half mast began in the 17th century, and it was in this darker, much more superstitious period that we  can find the reason. Believe it or not, the reason a flag is flown at half mast is to make room above it for an invisible flag of death. The invisible flag of death flying above the flag at half mast signifies the prominence of death.

But some flags are never flown at half mast. For instance, the Royal Standard in the UK will never be flown at half mast, not even following the death of the sovereign. The reason it will never be flown at half mast is because it represents the Monarchy, not the Monarch, and the Monarchy is continuous.


17 Why is Elmo the Little Red Menace?

elmo little red menace

Why is Elmo The Little Red Menace?

Elmo, the little red menace as many Sesame Street purists regard him, has become a cult phenomenon. Since his introduction into the show he has become one of the most popular characters. His popularity among his viewers has reached a point where several best selling toys have been modeled on him. It would be fair to say that he has taken the world by storm. So why is it, if he is so popular, that Elmo is called the little red menace?

Believe it or not, but the reason Elmo, the little red menace, earned that monicker is due to his popularity. Because he has become one of the favourite characters, other, older characters such as the Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch have adopted a less prominent role in the show. But that’s not the only reason Elmo is the red menace.

Apart from being extremely popular, he apparently encourages incorrect speech patterns. Because he refers to himself in the third person, critics have said that he mimics the behavior of preschoolers, instead of teaching them correct language use. But isn’t his audience preschool aged children?


18 Jackie Chan Has a Permanent Hole in His Head


Actor Jackie Chan is a martial artist and actor who is well known for performing his own stunts. He has suffered many injuries over time from performing these stunts, including a stick to the head by the legendary Bruce Lee. There was one stunt that nearly killed him, and has left him with a permanent reminder of what happened.

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During the filming of Armour of God (1986) in Yugoslavia, Jackie Chan had to perform what he described as “a simple stunt”. It involved hi, jumping from a castle wall to a tree below. The first try went perfectly to plan, but the second attempt had life threatening consequences.

Jackie Chan missed the tree branch and landed head first on the rocky ground below. He fractured his skull and a piece of bone entered his brain. He was taken to the nearest hospital and operated on. Jackie Chan now has a permanent hole in his head with a plastic plug to keep his brain in.


19 Origin of the Phrase Your Name is Mud


The phrase ‘your name is mud’ is accredited to Dr Samuel Alexander Mudd who set John Wilkes Booths leg after he broke it fleeing Ford’s Theatre. Dr Mudd was convicted of being involved in the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln. Hence the phrase ‘your name is mud’ derives itself from the treachery of Dr Mudd. He and his family denied any involvement in the conspiracy claiming he was only fulfilling his duty as a doctor. Other evidence suggests he may have had sympathies towards the Confederacy as he had the opportunity to inform the authorities of Booths whereabouts but failed to do so, and he claimed he had never met Booth before, but Booth had purchased a neighbouring property and they had met several times beforehand.


20 Worlds Longest Running Animated Tv Show


The worlds longest running animated TV show is not The Simpsons, but a cartoon from Japan. While The Simpsons is the longest running animated TV show in the US, it is not the holder of the title for the world. The worlds longest running cartoon is actually Sazae-san which runs on Japan’s Fuji Television Network. It has been running every Sunday since October 5 1969 and has had a total of over 2250 episodes as of September 2013.

The animated TV show is based on a four strip comic by the late Machiko Hasegawa.


21 The Disgusting Art Of Roman Toilets


The ancient Romans were quite civilised and clean. Part of the cleanliness was toilets and sewerage. Rome had many public toilets and they had no dividing walls, you just sat next to someone else. The public toilets were also provided with toilet paper. Well not paper, but a reusable sponge on a stick. They would do their business, and then use the sponge to clean up. They would then clean the sponge in a stream in front of them for the next person to use.


That concludes our list of facts that facts nobody needs to know. We hope you learned somethingnew.

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