22 Bizarrely Creepy Facts

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1 The World’s Largest Frog, the Goliath Frog, is over 1 Foot in Length

The World's Largest Frog, The Goliath Frog

What better way to start our list of creepy facts than with this particular one. For those who suffer from Batrachophobia, which is a fear of amphibians such as frogs, this particular fact would be a nightmare come true. Unlike the world’s smallest frogs, this particular amphibian is on the opposite end of the scale. The world’s largest frog is a true monster. They have been known to measure up to 33 cm (13 inches) in length. That’s bibber than some cats and dogs!. If the length of these frogs doesn’t send a chill up your spine, perhaps the weight will. The world’s largest fog can weigh up to 3,250 grams (7.17 lb). That is about the average weight of a household pet female cat. Still not creeped out by this monster frog? The eyes can be as large as 2.5 cm (0.98 in) in diameter, and it can jump up to ten feet in a single leap. The name of the world’s largest frog is fitting too. It’s called the goliath frog.

The goliath frog is native to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, so it’s domain is relatively confined. It’s also listed as an endangered species, and as such, the government Equatorial Guinea will only allow 300 of the frogs to be exported every year. They have historically been seen as a source of food, but that is rarely the case today.

The goliath frog can live for 15 years in the wild, and up to 21 years in captivity. However, captive breeding is difficult, and many captive frogs will never breed.


2 Cows Walking Down Stairs is Impossible

cows walking down stairs

Poor cows. Did you know cows walking down stairs is impossible? While it is possible for them to climb stairs, going the other direction is something that they can’t do. But why? After all, they go up and down hills with little worry or concern, so whats so special about stairs.

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Firstly, stairs aren’t a naturally occurring feature on this earth. While some natural steps are present around the world, they are relatively far and few between. Also, part of the reason cows walking down stair is impossible has to do with weight distribution. Imagine a cow walking up stairs, which surprisingly, is something they are capable of. The weight is towards the rear and when the knees bend they are pointing up. They are able to push with both their rear and front legs. The weight remains fairly evenly distributed.

Now imagine the same cow going down stairs. The weight of the cow is now distributed to the front of the cow. Their knees are pointed down and they need to rely on faith that the next step is within landing distance or they will tumble down. As their legs aren’t as flexible as other animals, making the walk of faith down stairs is one that a cow thinks isn’t worth it.

Any parent will know that getting children to climb stairs is easier then going down stairs.


3 Russia Has A Blow Up Doll Raft Race

Every year there’s a boat race in Russia called the Bubble Baba Challenge. It involves riding blow up sex dolls as rafts and racing them on a river in Losevo. The race only lasts 3 minutes but attracts over 800 people.


4 Ocean Cities Weird Week

Garden State Parkway Exit Sign

There’s a town in New Jersey, USA that has a weird contest week. Every year the town of Ocean City stages strange and weird competitions. They include french fry sculpting and wet t-shirt tossing.

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5 A German Town Was Flooded in Pig Manure


In February 2006 the town of Elsa in Germany was flooded with pig manure. A tank containing 240,000 litres (52,800 gallons) burst and in places the manure was up to 50 centimetres (1.5 feet) deep.


6 Raleigh North Carolinas Bugfest

Bugfest_raleigh, Nc Credit-north Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

In Raleigh, North Carolina they have an annual bugfest. Contestants wear beards of cockroaches and bees and race in the Roachingham 500. The Cafe Insectia offers meals like ant-chiladas.


7 A Students Strange Collection of Empty Snack Packets


Some people collect stamps and coins, but would you collect empty snack packets? Alex Johnson of Munising High School in Michigan collected 3,500 empty cheese flavoured snacks in his school locker when he was 17. But don’t think that he is all that weird. A UK man has a mere fraction of collected snack packs, and it is estimated to be worth over 10,000 pounds.


8 Man Has Collected over 1.4 Million Business Cards


We all get business cards, but would you keep them all? Well LeRoy Gensemer of Exeter in Michigan has. In fact he has collected over 1.4 million different business cards. When he reached the 1 million mark he had a commemorative card printed.


9 Potato Chips Were Invented by a Chefs Attempt at Revenge

potato chips revengePotato chips, the delicious party time favourite, and the bane of the overweight and dieters the world over, were invented by pure chance. In fact, potato chips were invented by a chef who sought revenge on a picky customer.

In 1853, George Crum was the head chef at Moon’s Lake House resort in Saratoga Springs. One day a customer ordered some French fries, but sent them back to the kitchen with terse criticism. Apparently the French fries were too thick and too soggy, and not salty enough for his liking. Now many chefs don’t take criticism of their trade too lightly, and Crum was one of them. So what did he do? Crum took revenge on his customer the best way he could, and inadvertently invented the potato chip.

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The potato chips revenge, or so it should have been

Crum decided to slice the potato fries super thin, over fry them until they were crispy brown, and then almost completely smothered them in salt. Crum’s devious plan of revenge on the customer was so simplistic it should have succeeded, but to his surprise it delighted the customer who loved them. The “Saratoga chips,” as they were called, were born. The Saratoga Chips remained a local favourite for decades, until Henry Lay, of Lays fame, popularised the chips throughout the Southeast districts of the United States during the Prohibition era. The rest, as they say, is history.


10 The Sahara Was Once Lush Green Fields

images-28529The Sahara, the largest subtropical, non-polar desert in the world was once covered in lush green fields and flowing rivers. Cave paintings from around 9,000 years ago in the heart of the desert show green fields with people herding cattle and hunting lions and hippos.


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