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Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

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19 Odd but True Facts

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1 The Gospel of Eve Promoted Free Sex

Odd But True Facts

I think it would be interesting to start our odd but true facts with a little known gospel. How well do you know the New Testament?
There is a Gospel of Eve that is an almost entirely lost text from the New Testament apocrypha, which may be the same as the lost Gospel of Perfection. It is not part of the canonical Bible, and probably for a very good reason.
This Gospel of Eve was used by some to justify free love. To be more precise, they used the Gospel of Eve to justify coitus interuptus and swallowing semen as a religious act, similar to the Etoro tribe in Papua New Guinea.
Some Gnostics had the belief that, as flesh is evil, you should simply acknowledge it by engaging in sexual activities. Needless to say, this interpretation was not taken well by the religious leaders of the time. But if it were widely adopted it would have made Sunday mornings a lot more interesting.


2 George Washington’s Statue in London is on Virginia Soil Read Why

george washington statue

In 1908 or 1909, no one is certain for sure, the US state of Virginia commissioned a new cast of a statue of former United States President George Washington. In 1910 the General Assembly of the State of Virginia granted permission for the Gorham manufacturing company to make copies of the cast and allow for the copies of the statue to be distributed to certain localities. One of the places one of these statues was to go to was the National Gallery in London, England. In 1921, when the statue was sent to London, the state of Virginia sent a ton of soil from the state of Virginia for the statue to be sat on. The reason they did this was to honour George Washington’s vow that he would never set foot on English soil.


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