30 Crazy Animal Facts That Will Change the Way You Look at Animals Forever

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21 A Chicken Gave Birth To A Live Baby Chicken

chicken gives birth

We have all heard the question about what came first, the chicken or the egg, but what if there was no egg? Don’t laugh this off, because it did happen.

A chicken in Sri Lanka gave birth to a live baby chicken. How you say? Well, the chicken didn’t actually lay the egg that had the baby chick in it. It stayed inside the mother for 21 days and hatched inside her giving birth to a baby chicken. This caused the death of the mother.


22 Crocodiles Cant Stick Their Tongues Out

Crocodiles Cant Stick Their Tongues Out


A crocodile can’t stick its tongue out. Why? It’s tongue is attached to the bottom of its mouth by a membrane. The tongue also performs like out kidneys do in excreting salt. They use their tongues to excrete salt to prevent themselves from becoming dehydrated from the salt.  A crocodiles kidneys are less efficient then ours are and they have a thick skin that is salt resistant.


23 Sharks Cant Blink

Sharks Cant Blink

Sharks are the only fish that can blink with both eyes. Most fish don’t have eyelids, and only a few fish, like sharks, have nictitating eyelids, which consist of a membrane that closes over the eye like an upside-down eyelid. They also have great eyesight and can see in colour. It is thought that their eyes are 10 times more sensitive to light than humans eyes.


24 An Ostrich’s Eye And Brain Are The Same Size

Ostrich’s Eye And Brain Are The Same Size

An ostrich’s brain is the same size as its eye. It’s true, they have very small brains, and an intelligence to match. If you are ever confronted by an ostrich simply raise your  hand above your head as high as you can and it will think your hand is your head, and if it’s higher they are they will leave you alone. They aren’t very bright animals.

They are also related to dinosaurs and have flesh similar to a T-Rex!


25 Jellyfish Don’t Have A Heart Or Brain

Jellyfish Don’t Have A Heart Or Brain

Jellyfish are remarkable creatures. Did you know that jelly fish are 94% to 98% water and that they are older then dinosaurs? Their bodies are radial symmetry which means that if you were to cut one in half you would get two identical halfs. This is because all their body parts extend from one central point.

Jellyfish apart from having no brain also lack bones and a heart. Compared to most other animals they are a relatively simple and primitive life form. In place of a brain, Jellyfish have rudimentary sensory nerves at the base of their tentacles to see light, orient themselves and detect smells. Jellyfish prove that a brain and heart are not necessary to support life.


26 Lobsters, Spiders And Snails Have Blue Blood

Lobsters Spiders And Snails Have Blue Blood

Lobsters, spiders and snails have blue blood. How is this so? Shouldn’t blood be red? Not exactly.

These animals have bllue blood because their blood contains haemocyanin which contains copper and gives the blood its blue colour.


27 There’s A Catfish That Lives On Land

Catfish That Lives On Land

There is a catfish in the amazon that can not only breathe air, but also lives out of the water in the leaves on the bank. It has no eyes, and navigates and hunts its prey through touch.


28 Most Birds Do Not Have A wiener

Most male birds don’t have a wiener. They have a cloaca which is also present on the female. The cloaca holds a wiener like member that is usually covered in feathers, or in some cases, spines and brush like filaments. Unlike the wieneres of mammals, the cloaca is erected by lymph, not blood. Also, the “wiener” of the birds curls up inside the bird when it is flaccid.

Most birds mate by the male bird balancing on top of the female and touching cloaca’s in a “cloacal kiss”. This process makes forced mating highly unsuccessful.

Birds that do have a wiener are ducks, swans, geese, ratites and flamingos. But it is not like a mammals wiener.


29 Tasmania Has Giant Freshwater Lobsters

Tasmania Has Giant Freshwater Lobsters

Australia is known for the strange and unusual. From its animals such as platypus and giant pink fluorescent slugs through to its pink or glowing lakes, the country is full of natural wonders. So it would probably come as no surprise to know that Australia is also home to a prehistoric giant freshwater lobster.

The freshwater lobsters, also known as crayfish, occupy an area in south east Australia and Tasmania. A mature adult lobster can grow to be as long as 80 centimetres (31.5 inches) and weigh as much as 5 kilograms (11 pounds). They can also live for as long as 40 years. Female freshwater lobsters don’t begin breeding until they are 14 and will only breed every other year as it takes them that long to brood their eggs and young.

Their diet usually consists of dead and rotting leaves, wood, the occasional invertebrate and dead fish or mammal that they may come across. They mainly occupy creeks and rivers as they need flowing water, but have been known to occupy farm dams. They can also navigate on land to move from one water source to another.

The freshwater lobster has been declared a protected species as their numbers have dwindled over the years due to harvesting and changes in water quality.


30 Male Fruit Flies Get Drunk When Females Won’t Have Sex

fruit flies get drunk

Surprisingly male fruit flies get drunk when they are unable to score with a female. Does this sound a little familiar? It probably, does and for good reason too. For many people it would almost perfectly resemble their Saturday nights. Head out for a night on the town, hope to meet a beautiful woman, and finally end the night with a little hanky panky between the sheets. While that is undoubtedly the goal of many the youthful men, for the majority of the time the final result is the same. They head home having had a fantastic night, but somewhat dejected after being rejected all night long by the fairer sex. To compensate for the lack of bedroom action, some men regretfully turn the the bottle to drown their sorrows.

OK, I know that isn’t always the way it goes down. Some people start drinking before they meet a suitable partner, others may not drink at all. In some situations there is no intention for the male to seek a mate for the night, they just want to either get blind rotten drunk, or just have a good time with friends. But in a lot of cases alcohol goes hand in hand with the one night stand, and if you can’t get laid, why not drown out your frustrations? That’s exactly what fruit flies do.

Imagine the life of a fruit fly. You don’t have very long to live and your entire life is to eat and have sex. Fruit is not as difficult to come across as sex is, and it can become a little frustrating when it becomes lacking. To compensate, male fruit flies get drunk to cope with the rejection.

Remember all those scientists who get all that funding money to further and better the human race? We can thank those guys. They decided that their extensive scientific background, high intelligence, and countless dollars from benefactors and government grants was best spent looking at why fruit flies get drunk. What they found was that male fruit flies get drunk when they have been spurned by females. But the findings do have parallels that can be of benefit to humans.

Now for the geeky explanation. The scientists looked at the flies brain chemistry for the experiment, so no animal Adult here guys. What they discovered was that in the ones who haven’t had sex a chemical called NPF was low. They believe that this chemical plays a role in their reward system. Flies that have done something rewarding like mating or eating have higher levels of this chemical in their brain. But there’s more.

They found that alcohol is an extremely effective, and popular method of increasing levels of NPF. This chemical behaves in a similar way to a compound found in humans called NPY. NPY has been linked to disorders such as over eating.


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Well, that’s the end of our list of crazy animal facts. But don’t despair. We have hundreds upon hundreds of more amazing facts that you simply won’t believe are true. So keep on browsing through to discover more of what we have to offer.


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