30 Crazy Animal Facts That Will Change the Way You Look at Animals Forever

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11 Why Is A Matadors Cape Red? The Matadors Cape Is Red To Hide Blood

why is a matador's cape red

Continuing with our list of crazy animal facts is the gruesome sport, if you can call it that, of bull fighting.

Now this is a question that I bet that you didn’t really want to ask after you finish reading the answer. Why is a matadors cape red? A matadors cape is red for no other purpose than to hide blood from the wounded bull.

When one thinks of bull fighting one of the first items that comes into mind is the matadors red cape and a raging bull charging it in anger.

The common misconception is that the matadors red cape, called a muleta is red because it enrages a bull. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as bulls are color blind. The Myth Busters even did a segment on this idea and proved that the color of an item had no bearing whether or not a bull will charge it. To support this, the muleta isn’t even the only cape a matador uses in the bull fight. In the early part of the fight the matador uses a larger cape that is magenta on one side and gold or blue on the other side, and the bull charges it with equal frenzy.

So why then is the matadors cape red? The matadors cape is red to hide the blood splatters of the bull. It comes out in the final, gruesome end of the fight when the blood and gore is t its zenith. So that is why a matadors cape is red. Not to piss off a bull that has been stabbed and cut several times. It’s used to conceal the barbarity of the “sport.”


12 Some Cicadas Can Live For 17 Years

Most insects have an extremely short lifespan, but not all of them. Did you know that some cicadas can live for up to 17 years? Periodical cicadas, which are native to eastern North America can live for up to 17 years. Once hatched, the cicadas live in the ground as nymphs for between 13 to 17 years, at a depth of between 30 centimetres (0.98 ft) down to 2.5 metres (8.2 ft). This particular species of cicada, when ready, will all begin to emerge at about the same time. They spend only 6 weeks of their extremely long life above ground to mate and begin the life cycle once more.


13 The Female Spotted Hyena Has A Pseudo-wiener

Female Spotted Hyena Has A Pseudo-wiener

Being able to tell the difference between a male and female spotted hyena is difficult. The reason it is difficult is because the female spotted hyena has a pseudo-wiener. The pseudo-wiener of the female spotted hyena is actually the glans clitoridis, it is just positioned and shaped like the wiener of the male. The pseudo-wiener of the spotted hyena is also capable of an erection. The lips of the spotted hyena is also fused closed, giving it a pseudo-scrotum.

While it is difficult to distinguish the difference between a male and female spotted hyena it is possible. The pseudo-wiener can be identified by its thicker appearance and more rounded glans. Furthermore, they have to give birth through it.


14 How Fast Can A Bee Fly? About 15 MPH

How Fast Can A Bee Fly

Have you ever wondered how fast a bee flies? Looking at them while they are working they don’t seem to fly all that quickly. But having been at the receiving end of a swarm attacking me, I can assure you that they can move very fast if they want to. So this got me wondering. How fast can a bee fly?

The speed a honey bee flies at is approximately 24 kilometres per hour (15 miles per hour).


15 Are Boa Constrictors And Pythons The Same?

Are Boa Constrictors And Pythons The Same

Boa constrictors and pythons are both non venomous large snakes, but they are not the same animal. They have at least one main difference between them. The main difference between a python and boa is that a python lays eggs, as most snakes do. A boa actually gives birth to live young and are found only in the Americas and Caribbean islands.


16 There’s a Breed Of Dog That Can Not Bark

There is a breed of dog that can not bark. It is called a Basenji. They can howl, growl and crow depending on its mood.

All modern dogs are descendants of the wolf which is a member of the canid family, but is not domesticated, more primitive and also incapable of barking.


17 Live Fish In A Duck Egg

Live Fish In A Duck Egg

This is as spectacular and amazing as it is mind boggling. In 2006 in the French Alps a group on an outing found a duck egg in a small pond and noticed something was moving inside it. The members of the group cracked open the egg and found three live minnows, which are a small freshwater fish often used as bait.

Biologists at the University of Manchester admit that they are baffled as to how the fish came to be inside the egg. They were certain that the egg didn’t contain any cracks or other damage.


18 A Snake Was Found With A Fully Formed Leg In China

Snake Was Found With A Fully Formed Leg In China

OK, so we’re fully aware of some false representations coming out of China. Take for instance the groping festival. Some of the news coming out of that country is suspect at best. But it appears as though this is completely authentic.

In 2009 a snake was discovered in China with a fully formed leg. A 66 year old woman discovered it clinging to her wall with its claws. She promptly beat it to death, we imagine like the gif below, and it has since been sent to a university in Western China to try and discover how this mutation occurred.


So I bet a lot of people are thinking that this impossible. Snakes do not have legs like lizards. But according to scientists all snakes have the genome to grow legs, it just isn’t activated. All that was needed for a snake to grow the leg was a mutation to turn the gene back on. This is what has probably happened.


19 A Cat Survived 4 Weeks In A Refrigerator

more crazy animal facts

A cat in Oklahoma City survived 4 weeks in a cold refrigerator without any food or water, which is spectacular even though cats don’t need water to survive, find out why here. The cats owners 4 year old son put the cat in it for safe keeping, and it was only a month later when the father decided to clean out the fridge they discovered the cat inside. 1


20 Jellyfish Caused A Major Blackout In 1999

Jellyfish Caused A Major Blackout In 1999

In 1999 jellyfish caused a blackout on the Philippine Island of Luzon. Authorities said a large numbers of jellyfish had been sucked into the seawater intake of the plant and had clogged it.


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