Bahrain Gynecologist Must Use a Mirror when Treating Patients


Did you hear the fact that male doctors in Bahrain must use a mirror and can not look upon the genitals of their female patients while examining them? It’s claimed that using a mirror is permitted because they are not looking directly at the sensitive area. Their hands are permitted to do what they need to do. Apparently the law was introduced because of their strict religious guidelines.

That’s the claim anyway, and it has been circulating online for around a decade now. So is there any truth to it?

Believe us when we say we have searched, searched and searched online for any reference to any such law forcing gynecologists in Bahrain to use a mirror while examining female patients. Alas there has been none. Well, nothing concrete that is reliable. Most sources make the claim in a single line, single sentence fact with no reference at all.

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One thing to always keep in mind: Only a small amount of the worlds written texts, procedures and literature is actually available online. This is particularly true for closed, dictatorial states like Bahrain.