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There’s a South African National Cleavage Day

south african national cleavage day

All hail South Africa. Why? Well there’s a South African national cleavage day. It’s true, and sounds fun… Aah, I mean interesting and insightful. But why is there a national cleavage day in South African ? It is a pretty sexist thing to hold, and you don’t see anyone proclaiming a day to celebrate penises. Oh wait a minute, I forgot that there is one. But first thing first, we really have to ascertain if this is fact or fiction, after all, it’s really an odd thing for a country to celebrate.

Even though we have come across some traditions that involve erogenous zones on the human body that have proven to be a total fabrication, this particular national day actually occurs yearly, and is a recent addition to the calendar. But we must point out that it is not a government proclaimed day. Even the provincial gender commissioner in Eastern Cape has criticized the celebration as being sexist, and a marketing tool focused on exploiting the human body. So why would she say this? Well it all comes down to how the day started.

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