One of the Bond Girls Used to Be a Man

bond girl a man

Hold onto your hats. A Bond girl was a man! Well kind of. You will have to stretch your imagination quite a bit to class this person as a true Bond girl. You see, she was only an extra, and this Bond girl used to be a man.  She underwent gender reassignment surgery before the film was hot. Such a thing today would hardly register as a scandal, but when this happened back in the early 1980’s, the outrage was almost universal.

One of the Bond girls, from the movie franchise James Bond was born a man. Although not exactly a Bond girl in all her essence, Carolyn Cossey was actually one of the extras in the 1981 release of “For Your Eyes Only.” Her actual role is only a small one, and you can see her by the pool in one scene. She or he is credited as one of the ten “girl at pool.” Hardly a leading role, but enough to stir a storm of controversy.

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