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Blue M&m’s Can Can Give You Bright Blue Skin and May Heal Spinal Injuries

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If ever there was a reason to eat blue M&M’s and possibly get blue skin, this has to be it. Even if just getting blue skin to freak out your friends and family wasn’t enough, it appears as though, after some surprising laboratory tests, blue M&M’s not only turn your skin blue, but also may be able to heal spinal injuries. So just how is this possible? They are only a sweet treat and hardly medicine. Well it all comes down to the color.

If you’re like me you don’t really care about the color of the M&M’s that you eat. At the end of the day, they all taste pretty much the same, and the color is the last reason that you would want to eat them. But never in my wildest dreams would I have ever expected that one particular color could be so beneficial, and deliver such surprising results.

Researchers discovered the wonders of Blue M&M’s when they were conducting tests on lab rats with the compound that gives the M&M’s their blue color called “Brilliant Blue G.” The rats that they were working on all had spinal injuries (don’t ask how they got their injuries, it’s a question I don’t particularly want an answer for). But instead of giving rats the delicious hard-shelled chocolate to eat, they cheated the rats out of a tasty little meal and injected the blue dye, Brilliant Blue G, directly into the rats.

When they injected the rats with the compound the researchers found that it not only improved recovery, but also reduced lesions from the injury to the spine. This is a pretty spectacular result, but how does it work?

The compound blocks a chemical that causes more cell damage during an injury. By blocking this chemical, it reduces the secondary spinal cord damage that the chemical causes. So with an already damaged spine, just how effective was the treatment for rats?

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