Calvin Coolidge Would Play Hide And Seek Under His Desk To Prank His Guards

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calvin coolidge hide and seekThis has to go down as one of the coolest things a president has done, especially considering it wasn’t during an election. It has been revealed that Calvin Coolidge played hide and seek with his security, except they didn’t know about it. He would buzz for his security guards, and then hide under his desk while they frantically searched for him. Could you imagine something like that happening today?

It’s hard to imagine a president, or any other world leader would behave in such a childish manner, especially Calvin Coolidge. Unfortunately for president Coolidge, he has gone down in the history books as a person who perhaps should never have held such an office. He was extremely quiet, would take afternoon naps and retire to bed early, even during official state dinners. But what makes this prank even more out of character for the man is that he was notoriously difficult to deal with. He had a short temper and was extremely difficult to please. But just because he was, well, an rear hole, doesn’t mean that he didn’t have a sense of humor. And you have to admit, Calvin Coolidge playing hide and seek from his security guards as a prank would have been funny, at least for him.

Consider this difference to more recent presidents. If you were to look under the presidents desk during Nixon’s time in office it’s likely that you would find some form of illegal activity or secret surveillance equipment. During the mid 1990’s with Clinton, there would have been a high chance of finding an innocent looking intern under the desk. During George W Bush’s term there was probably a pile of cue cards written by a dyslexic speech writer. In short, many modern presidents wouldn’t even been able to fit under their desk, let alone hide themselves.

Regardless of how the wider public views his tenure in office, this prank by president Calvin Coolidge playing hide and seek with his security guards is pure mischievous fun. Bravo Mr Coolidge for having a bit of a laugh.



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