The Shortest Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Lasts Only 100 Yards

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The Shortest Saint Patrick's Day ParadeAdmit it. March 17 every year, Saint Patrick’s day, we all become a little bit Irish. Celebrations the world over mark the day of his death in a way only the Irish would do. By having a massive party, with street parades celebrating the day. But did you know that the shortest Saint Patrick’s day parade is only a mere 100 yards?

That might not seem like much of a parade or celebration, and hardly a way to embrace the most Irish of Irish days, but it actually occurs in Ireland itself. That’s right, the shortest Saint Patrick’s day parade is in the village of Dripsey, Cork, Ireland. But why is it so short? Surely something must be amiss.

Why is the Saint Patrick’s day parade in Dripsey so short?

Fear not. All is perfectly well in Dripsey. If your going to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day in Ireland with a parade, why not do it the Irish way. The parade is so short because it is the distance between the towns two pubs. Yep, you read that right. It’s basically a town wide pub crawl.

A little more on Saint Patrick:

  • Saint Patrick is one of three patron saints of Ireland, the others being  Saints Brigit and Columba.
  • His first journey to Ireland was as a slave at about the age of 16. He escaped after six years in captivity.
  • He is said to have died on March 17 at the grand old age of 120 years
  • He used the shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity, which is the Christian teaching of three people in one God.
  • He is credited with driving all of the snakes from Ireland. To this day there are no wild snakes in the country.



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