How Did Casper Die (the Friendly Ghost )?

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How did Casper die

How did Casper die? I mean, it’s really been a bit of a lingering question that a lot of people seemed to ignore for a very long time. It makes sense doesn’t it that he is a deceased human being if he is a ghost, because that’s what ghosts are. And having childlike features, such as build and vocalizations certainly point to the fact that he has to be a child who has died. Perhaps it’s this exact reason that the question has been avoided. The death of a child a socially difficult, very touchy subject, for obvious reasons. But nonetheless, some people did manage to ask the question.

The myth

If you were to ask the creator of Casper, Harvey Comics (that was his real name), how did Casper die, he would tell you a downright dirty lie, as if you were a gullible child easily convinced of anything. The official stance is that Casper was never a child, but is just a supernatural being, like unicorns, goblins and trolls. Baby ghosts are born when two adult ghosts love each other very much (cue the 70’s Adult music for some spooky one on one ghost action). But you know that this is BS, right? Ghosts aren’t born, they are made. This cartoon series even contradicted itself in “There’s Good Boos Tonight”, an earlier episode of the show. In that episode a young fox who is friends with Casper is killed by hunting dogs. Casper is sad, and prepares a grave for his dead companion. But along comes the ghost of the dead fox, proving that ghosts aren’t made by aroused adult ghosts. All of a sudden Casper forgets about the slowly decaying corpse of his best friend, because now he has a companion for life that won’t go through the rigors of old age, and then die.

How did Casper die

So the cartoon show disproved the rather weird notion of its creator of sexually active apparitions. But the question remains, how did Casper the friendly ghost die? This answer was briefly touched on with the feature length movie that was released in 1995. It turns out that he hasn’t always been Casper the friendly ghost. He had a surname once, when he was alive. His real name was Casper McFadden. The cause of his untimely death was pneumonia after spending all day sledding. So after years of telling people that he was the spawn of a couple of frisky supernaturals, it turns out that he was the spawn of a couple of ordinary people, who then got sick and died. And that, my friends, is how Casper died.


how did casper the friendly ghost die


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