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Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

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worst sports riots in history

The top three worst sports riots in history. Sports. They’re generally something designed to bring joy to our world. But from time to time poor sportsmanship gets the better of many of us, and tempers flare. No one likes losing, and when it’s your favorite team, it’s even worse. Unfortunately though, some people seem to take the loss personally, and behave in a totally irrational and violent manner. When a lot of people with the same grudge at the result get together, a riot can take place, and they can be pretty bad. When it comes to the worst sports riots in history though we generally think of them as a problem of the modern era. While this is generally the case, disgusting acts of violence following a sporting event have been occurring for centuries. In fact, the worst sports riot in history took place 1,500 years ago. But before we get down to that grizzly affair, we will count down the worst sports riots in history.

A little note to begin with. We are only including riots with death tolls. Riots that include property damage are bad, and can have a huge financial and social cost attached, but by far the biggest cost comes with the loss of life.

3 Port Said Stadium riot (2012)

We don’t need to delve too far back in time to get to one of the worst cases of hooliganism after a sporting event, and surprisingly it was the followers of the victorious team that started the violence.

The Port Said Stadium riot took place on 1 February 2012. The sporting event was the Egyptian Premier League football match between El Masry and El Ahly clubs. Tempers were already high between the rivals, and the initial kickoff was delayed because El Masry fans were on the pitch. The stadium was a powder keg awaiting to explode, and at the final whistle it would.

Each time their team scored a goal, the supporters of El Masry invaded the pitch. At the conclusion of play they once again ran onto the field, and this time became violent. They started to throw stones and bottles at the Ahly fans, and some were even carrying knives. Fights started to break out all over the stadium, and in the ensuing violence dozens were killed. This riot ended football in the country for two years.

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