Scrooge McDuck Died In 1967 Aged 100

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scrooge mcduck died 1967Did you know that a Disney favourite, and the wealthiest fictional character, Scrooge McDuck died in 1967, at the ripe old age of 100 years? This is the truth as told by comic book writer and illustrator, Don Rosa, best known for his stories abour Scrooge McDuck and other Disney characters. While Rosa has made this claim the creator of Scrooge McDuck disputes it.

Rosa, along Carl Barks who actually created Scrooge McDuck, have said that he was born in Scotland in 1867. For Scrooge McDuck to be still alive today it would mean he would have to be nearly 150 years old! It makes logical sense that he had to die at some point, especially as he was introduced as an old man, or duck, in 1947. It was for he logical reasoning that Rosa decided that Scrooge died at the age of 100 in 1967 when he published it in his book, The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. But what’s the catch? Barks, his creator has a slightly different point of view.

As with many cartoons, they don’t really stick to human living guidelines. Take for example the Simpsons. None of the characters have aged despite the fact the show has been on air for a quarter of a century. A cartoon character has the enviable position of being immortal. This is kind of the road that Barks has taken.

Barks tried to explain his long life by referencing one of his comics. He explained that Scrooge had drunk from a fountain of youth for a few days. Since he drank from it and didn’t bath in it, it didn’t restore his youth. Instead it rejuvenated his body. So you are now wondering why the two lines of opinion differ and which to believe. Lets try to sort some of it out and let you decide for yourself.

It’s undeniable that some of the technology and devices that Scrooge uses and knows of are post 1980. Clearly that means he didn’t die in 1967 as written by Rosa. There’s also the point that his death has never been mentioned in any comics. However, there are always two sides to a coin. Publishing the death of a popular figure in a comic intended for children would clearly result in traumatised children. Writing the comics as they occurred in years gone by would also be fairly easy, and also fit in with natural aging. As far as the technology is concerned, his extreme wealth could mean he has access to the means to produce such technology. There’s also the question of the fountain of youth. Is it a believable scenario?

Regardless if you believe Scrooge McDuck died in 1967 or can live for ever really doesn’t matter. If it brings cheer to children that’s all that matters. But it is worth noting one thing however. If Scrooge McDuck died in 1967 that means he isn’t the worlds richest fictional character, as living is one of the requirements for being on the list. The other question that remains unanswered. If Scrooge McDuck died in 1967, who inherited his vast wealth?



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