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Wed. Oct 16th, 2019

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14 Papal Facts That Are a Little Disturbing

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2 The Longest Election Of A Pope

Well that was the shortest election of a Pope, and with how confusing it can be to pick one, it’s a wonder that they can be so quick. WHich brings us to the longest election of a Pope.

The longest Papal election occurred between November 1268 and September 1, 1271 following the death of Pope Clement IV. The election of Pope Gregory X was the first election of a Pope by compromise. During the election three Cardinals died and one resigned. Their rations were reduced to just bread and water and finally in the end, the roof of the Palazzo dei Papi di Viterbo where the election was taking place was removed by the magistrates of Viterbo to try and force a result. And it worked. This conclave is often considered as the first Papal Conclave.


3 Any Baptized Catholic Male Can Become Pope

Remember how we said that there was no shortlist of contenders for the position of Pontiff? That’s because the field is as wide open, maybe even more so than president of the USA.

All that is required to become Pope is to be a baptized Catholic male. If the elected man is not yet a Bishop he will be immediately ordained one before becoming Pope. Getting the Cardinals to elect you on the other hand may be somewhat harder. But if they are guided by God, it just could happen. And it kind of did.


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