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Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

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25 Useless Facts to Know That Will Make You Scratch Your Head

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25 of some of the most useless facts to know. Of course, these useless facts to know won’t change your life as you know it, but what it will do is give you a new and amazing insight into just a little bit of the world around you.

1 You Can Turned Into An Artificial Reef After You Die

useless facts to know

If there is one thing that the oceans need, apart from less pollution, it’s more reefs. Reefs provide the ocean with an environment that can flourish with life. But there are two problems with getting more reefs. The ocean is a mighty big place, and making reefs costs money.

It’s not completely rare to see an old ocean faring ship being sunk on purpose to make an artificial reef. While this is a good idea, the preparation work of the ship to make it environmentally sound to rest on the ocean floor is an expensive exercise. It’s something that is far out of reach for the average person to accomplish. But did you know that you can contribute to the marine environment even after you have died? You can do this by being turned into a reef yourself.

A company in Georgia, USA will mix your ashes following a cremation with cement and drop it to the bottom of the ocean to form an artificial reef.


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