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12 Stupidest Wars in History Ever

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The stupidest wars ever in history will leave you literally scratching your head. If you have already popped over and had a read of the dumbest battle ever, these wars, although not as bad as that one battle, really are quite ridiculous.  From the weird through to the wacky, we managed to find the most utterly stupid reason to kill en-masse.

If there are a few things we people are good at, doing stupid things and waging war on each other surely trump just about anything else. As Einstein himself said, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” So what do you think you get when you mix war and stupidity? Let’s just say a terrible mix of circumstances that give us the stupidest wars in history ever. If the human toll weren’t so high, they would make for a great comedy.

Now it’s time to read about the stupidest wars ever

1 The War Of Jenkins’ Ear (1739–48)

War of Jenkins EarOk, so we will begin our journey around the stupidest wars in history ever with the War of Jenkins’ Ear. As you can tell, the name of these wars kind of give away just how crazy these affairs are.

Back in the good old days when Britain was the imperial power of the world, and all bowed before it, foreign relations in Western Europe weren’t exactly as cordial as they are today. To be a little more accurate, Spain was less than happy that Britain was top of the roost, and Britain for their part were not that friendly to anyone who wanted a slice of the action, or their Empire. Let’s just say that relations between the pair were frosty, and it wouldn’t take much to ignite the keg of war.

It all started one day in 1731. Robert Jenkins was the captain of a merchant ship that was boarded by the Spanish Coast Guard o his return home from the West Indies. The Spanish suspected him and his ship of smuggling, and wanted to investigate. But it seems that they went a little too far. They bound captain Jenkins to a mast and sliced off his ear. Ouch right? But apart from a diplomatic complaint, it really should have ended there. But it wasn’t going to.

On his return home, Jenkins took his complaint directly to the king, and seven years later to parliament. He even kept his ear in a pickle jar!

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