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12 Stupidest Wars in History Ever

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2 The War Of The Oaken Bucket (1325)

The War Of The Oaken BucketLet stupidity reign. It seems as though the big guys of the political world, AKA the colonial super powers, are not the only ones capable of mass killing for dumb reasons. This particular conflict takes us back to 1325 in northern Italy.

Look, I agree. It was called the Dark Ages for a reason. People weren’t that bright, and this particular war proves the point very well. But how could two neighbors go and thrash each others brains out over a oak bucket? That’s right, a bloody oak bucket!

Alright, just as with Jenkins ear, this war was really just the culmination of years, in fact, centuries of events. Tempers were boiling, and a bloody bucket proved to be the final straw.

Two city states in northern Italy, Bologna and Modena. had been long time rivals. Being in the geographical position that they were in placed them in the precarious position of having to support the main political factions, and they were big ones. One was the Holy Roman Empire, the other was the Papacy. Obviously politics is an all too common reason for going to war.

In 1325 a few soldiers from Modena entered Bologna and stole an oak bucket from the well. Bologna was a little pissed at this brazen theft, and decided to go to war. Now, I’m not calling it an over reaction or anything, but how much would an oak bucket cost to buy or make? Surely not as much as raising an army and going to war.

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