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Sugar Cures Hiccups in 19 out of 20 Cases

sugar cures hiccups

It seems that there is a merciful and kind God. Sugar cures hiccups, and with a surprising degree of success. So how is it that the hiccups, which have a dubious list of home remedies as long as my arm, can be cured with something so readily available, cheap and not to mention delicious? Well it all comes down to the way that the brain works.

Everyone has had a case of annoying hiccups. In most cases they only last for less than an hour, and are nothing more than an annoyance. Although they can provide an observer with simple moments of levity. However sometimes the a case of hiccups can last a little bit longer than you would like, and more drastic measures are needed to cure them. You could try an old wives tale, like drinking water, holding your breath, or even drinking water upside down. Maybe even a frightful surprise can be the solution that you are looking for. But why do any of these when there is a more guaranteed solution, and one which is a pleasure to perform. That is of course sugar, which cures hiccups.

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