There’s a Type of Fungus That Can Give Women a Sexual Climax when Smelled

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  1. Mushroom Climax Smelled Female

Forget buying your girl beautifully scented roses on your next date. There’s an odd-looking mushroom, ugly in just about all respects, that will make her night far more memorable. And no, we’re not talking about magic mushrooms here, although what they do is really magical. We are talking about a special type of fungus that can give female humans a sexual climax just by smelling it.

For a while when I first heard of this I was wondering if the fungus was sort of only embedded in stacks of one hundred dollar bills. I mean, that would certainly explain Hugh Hefner and his harem of beautiful women. But to my surprise it has nothing to do with money. So the obvious next thought I had was about power, and judging by how many women find politicians repulsive on television, radio and in person, this idea was also ruled out. So what exactly is this female climax inducing fungus?

The fungus that causes climaxes in human females when smelled is called Phallus indusiatus, which should give some sort of an indication to what it is capable of. A lot of people are probably thinking that anything that can stimulate a climax would be toxic, but many varieties of it are not. The mushroom is actually edible, and is commonly grown in commercial quantities and sold in many Asian markets. It’s rich in protein, fibre and carbohydrates. But we’re not here to discuss its health benefits. We are here learning about how it’s smell can get a woman to acheive what very few men can, a sexual climax.

Now, if you’re in the business of selling sex toys this natural, easy to use, electricity free and abundant mushroom surely sounds like the death nell for your business plan in selling truck loads of sex toys to women. But if this is youir buisness there’s isn’t a great deal to worry about. In many cases a woman won’t have a climax from the smell of the fungus, and it does absolutely nothing for men.

In 2001 there was a publication in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms that concluded that the smell of the fresh fungus can trigger spontanious climaxess in human females. Although the study was only very small, consisting of 16 females, the results showed that six of the participants had a sexual climax. While this figure is less than half, and hardly convicncing, it must be pointed out that the remaining ten women had smaller doses of the mushroom. Not only did they have smaller doses of the scent, but the women still experienced physiological changes, such as increased heart rate. All twenty men who participated said that the smell was disgusting, and did nothing for them sexually.

The authors of the publication believe that the hormone-like compounds in the fungus are similar to human neurotransmitters released when females are sexually aroused. This would explain why all of the women experienced some degree of reaction to its smell, and no men did. Foo the test the Hawaiin variety of the mushroom was used, so it’s not fully known if the same reaction would be present in all varieties of the fungus.


Fungus Climax Smelled Women


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