Shae From Game Of Thrones Was A German Adult Star

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Shae Game Of Thrones Was A German Adult Star

Game of Thrones fans already know that there is plenty of sex in one of the worlds most popular television shows. But who would have ever thought that they would have hired professionals, that’s professional sex stars for the show? We mention this because one of the leading female characters, Shae (played by Sibel Kekilli) in Game of Thrones, was a German Adult star.

Sibel Kekilli’s character, Shae, is the former prostitute turned concubine-girlfriend of Tyrion Lannister. As Tyrion is from the wealthiest family in Westeros, and brother to Cersei Lannister, this is obviously a rather difficult relationship. It would probably be described today as “complicated.” How complicated can it get? He’s in love with and screwing a prostitute, that’s not complicated at all. Just a little messed up.

Back to the career of Sibel Kekilli. She rose to fame in Germany after winning a German version of an Oscar for her role in a movie called Head-On. What should have been her crowning glory at that stage in her life soon turned into a farce. 

Not long after the movie was released it was revealed that Sibel Kekilli had been a Adult star acting under the stage name of Dilara. It proved to be one hell of a scandal, and her parents even broke contact with her. It’s not as if she is the first actor to ever participate in adult movies. Both Jackie Chan, and Sylvester Stallone have also appeared in the shady, poorly scripted movies.  

But as with just about everything, time heals all wounds and past transgressions are soon forgiven or forgotten. She has now gone on to star in the biggest prime-time television show in the world. But she isn’t the only person in Game of Thrones with a Adult past. At least six other current or former Adult stars have had roles in the show.

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