Etoro Tribe Semen Drinking Ritual For Boys To Become Men In Papua New Guinea

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etoro tribe semen

The Etoro tribe semen drinking ritual must rank as one of the worlds most bizarre rituals. It’s a ceremonial practice that encourages homosexual pedophilia, which most of the world find revolting, yet the practice itself is not sexual at all. While most of the Western world views semen as being a sexual byproduct, this is not exactly the case for the Etoro people.

Many cultures around the world have different rituals and traditions to become an adult. These different rituals are most commonly seen with the many different religious ceremonies performed when a child is coming of age. The Etoro tribe of South-Western Papua New Guinea have a ritual for boys who are becoming adults, but not too many people in the western world would be too keen to participate in this one. What is the ritual I hear you ask? The boys of the Etoro tribe must consume semen to become a man.

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Why on Earth would boys of the Etoro tribe be forced to consume semen to be considered a man? In order for an Etoro tribe boy to become a man he must drink the semen of elder men in the tribe. They believe that every individual has a vital force, and that the strongest concentration of this force is found in semen.

The boys are assigned a partner when going through the transition to adulthood. If a woman fails to fall pregnant she is viewed as squandering the power of the semen.

It’s not only the  Etoro tribe, semen consumption occurs in other tribes in Papua New Guinea too

The Etoto tribe semen drinking ritual is not the only such ritual in Papua New Guinea. The Sambia people of the Eastern Highlands also have ritualised homosexuality and semen ingestion for pubescent boys to make the transition from boy to man.

Now that you have read this please keep this in mind. As disgusting and immoral as it must sound to outsiders, I’m sure some of our customs may seem alien, and possibly immoral or disgusting to them. While the functions suggested and discussed in this article are often viewed as being purely sexual in most societies, this is not the case these two tribes in Papua New Guinea. The Etoro tribe semen drinking ritual is simply that. A ritual that has no sexuality associated with it at all.

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