A Religious Group In India, The Aghori Baba, Eat Their Dead

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aghori baba eating dead body

Different religious beliefs and customs around the world may at times seem unusual, or even disgusting to many people. Take for instance the Etoro Tribe in Papua New Guinea. Their religious practices would make most people squeamish. It seems however that they are not the only religion or religious sect that can have that affect on people. The Aghori Baba is one such religious sect who’s activities may shock most people. It’s because the Aghori Baba can be seen eating dead bodies.

The Aghori Baba are a Hindu sect who mainly reside in India. They are well known for deviating from traditional Hindu practices and Indian social norms, often facing harsh criticism within India. It’s many of their religious practices, and eating their dead in particular, that upsets many people in India. So this begs the question, why? Why will the Aghori Baba start eating dead a body?

The religious sect have strong beliefs that spiritual enlightenment can only be reached after you have conquered your fear of death. The way the members of this group subjugate this fear is by eating the remains of dead members. But the Aghori Baba’s don’t just stop at eating their own deceased. They sometimes cross the line and eat others too.

In just about all cultures, grave robbers are frowned upon, much like cannibals are. This bizarre religious sect has a tendency to partake in grave robbing. Not to steal valuable items from the dead, as Western culture is familiar with, but to steal the flesh! It’s often the case that when a person in India dies they will be set afloat in the Ganges river. The Aghori Baba have been known to collect the dead bodies from the river and eat them too.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I find that abhorrent and completely disrespectful. It may be in their cultural belief to be cannibals and eat their own members, but to force your beliefs on grieving relatives who have a different set of beliefs is just wrong.



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