Worlds Rarest Blood Type

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Worlds Rarest Blood Type

What is the worlds rarest blood type? The worlds rarest blood type is far more rarer than you would think. In a world that is constantly crying out for more blood donors to cover chronic shortages in supply, this particular blood type makes all others seem as though they would have a plentiful supply in comparison. Why would we say such a thing? There are fewer than one hundred people worldwide with it.

What is the worlds rarest blood type?

There have generally been four different types of blood. Type O is the most common, with approximately 49 ercent of the population having this particular brand. The next most common type is A, which around 38 percent of the population have. The next most common one is B, but only about 10 percent of people posses this particular blood type. What is most commonly thought to be the worlds rarest blood type is AB. Only about 3 percent of people have this one. But even though it is extremely rare, it doesn’t even come close to the rarest, which is HH, or more commonly referred to as Bombay blood.

Type HH, also known as Bombay blood, is named for where it was discovered. It is so rare that it is believed that less than 100 people in the world are known to have this blood type. That would mean that, in the event of an emergency, people who possess this particular group of blood would be placed in imminent danger.

As blood is vital for life, we encourage everyone who is healthy and able to donate. Your small contribution can and will go a long way to changing a persons life, and it may even save several lives. It’s well worth the effort to give.




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