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Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

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22 Bizarrely Creepy Facts

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Poor cows. Did you know cows walking down stairs is impossible? While it is possible for them to climb stairs, going the other direction is something that they can’t do. But why? After all, they go up and down hills with little worry or concern, so whats so special about stairs.

Firstly, stairs aren’t a naturally occurring feature on this earth. While some natural steps are present around the world, they are relatively far and few between. Also, part of the reason cows walking down stair is impossible has to do with weight distribution. Imagine a cow walking up stairs, which surprisingly, is something they are capable of. The weight is towards the rear and when the knees bend they are pointing up. They are able to push with both their rear and front legs. The weight remains fairly evenly distributed.

Now imagine the same cow going down stairs. The weight of the cow is now distributed to the front of the cow. Their knees are pointed down and they need to rely on faith that the next step is within landing distance or they will tumble down. As their legs aren’t as flexible as other animals, making the walk of faith down stairs is one that a cow thinks isn’t worth it.

Any parent will know that getting children to climb stairs is easier then going down stairs.


3 Russia Has A Blow Up Doll Raft Race

Every year there’s a boat race in Russia called the Bubble Baba Challenge. It involves riding blow up sex dolls as rafts and racing them on a river in Losevo. The race only lasts 3 minutes but attracts over 800 people.

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