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Tue. Oct 15th, 2019

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25 Useless Facts to Know That Will Make You Scratch Your Head

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2 A Rapist And A Killer Appeared On A Dating Show

dating show rapist

A convicted rapist and serial killer once appeared on a dating game show called The Dating Game.

Rodney James Alcala appeared on the show in 1978 even after being convicted of 2 sex offences already, and by that time he had already killed 2 people but he hadn’t yet been linked with the deaths. His date, Cheryl Bradshaw, refused to go on the date because she found him creepy.

Her refusal may have saved her life. In the time immediately after the game show he had killed two other women. It is speculated that he may have killed anywhere between 8 and 130 people.


3 Guide To Dressing Up As An Authentic Ghost

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