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8 Sperm Facts That Are a Little Funky

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8 Funky little sperm facts that you will be sure to remember. Sperm is as bountiful as men. Nearly every man on the planet has sperm, and every male animal that is still intact has sperm. It does sound a little gross, but these little guys are essential to human life. Without them no one would be here today, not even you. But despite their abundance, and seemingly smplicity, they are amazing little things. So lets kick off with 8 cool sperm facts, and one bonus disgusting real life story at the end.

1 Oral Sex Can Cure Morning Sickness

Oral Sex Can Cure Morning Sickness

Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at SUNY-Albany has a theory on how to cure morning sickness. His theory is that women who are exposed to the fathers semen on a regular basis are less likely to suffer from AM nausea, or morning sickness.

Gallup, who specialises in human reproductive competition and behaviour believes the reason a woman becomes sick when pregnant is because the body is unfamiliar with the genetic composition of the semen and is rejecting it as a foreign object. Gallup has a theory that if a woman ingests the fathers semen on a regular basis she will produce a natural tolerance to the genetic make up of the semen. His theory also concludes that with each subsequent pregnancy the mother should suffer from morning sickness less often, provided that she is pregnant to the same father, as her body would become more familiar to the fathers semen.

This theory can be viewed in a similar way to how people who drink copious amounts alcohol on a regular basis build up a tolerance to the toxin. Gallup’s theory runs along the same lines. This is of course only a theory as it has not yet been clinically tested.


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