8 Sperm Facts That Are a Little Funky

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8 Funky little sperm facts that you will be sure to remember. Sperm is as bountiful as men. Nearly every man on the planet has sperm, and every male animal that is still intact has sperm. It does sound a little gross, but these little guys are essential to human life. Without them no one would be here today, not even you. But despite their abundance, and seemingly smplicity, they are amazing little things. So lets kick off with 8 cool sperm facts, and one bonus disgusting real life story at the end.

1 Oral Sex Can Cure Morning Sickness

Oral Sex Can Cure Morning Sickness

Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at SUNY-Albany has a theory on how to cure morning sickness. His theory is that women who are exposed to the fathers sperm on a regular basis are less likely to suffer from AM nausea, or morning sickness.

Gallup, who specialises in human reproductive competition and behaviour believes the reason a woman becomes sick when pregnant is because the body is unfamiliar with the genetic composition of the sperm and is rejecting it as a foreign object. Gallup has a theory that if a woman ingests the fathers sperm on a regular basis she will produce a natural tolerance to the genetic make up of the sperm. His theory also concludes that with each subsequent pregnancy the mother should suffer from morning sickness less often, provided that she is pregnant to the same father, as her body would become more familiar to the fathers sperm.

This theory can be viewed in a similar way to how people who drink copious amounts alcohol on a regular basis build up a tolerance to the toxin. Gallup’s theory runs along the same lines. This is of course only a theory as it has not yet been clinically tested.


2 Sexual Intercourse Produces More Sperm Than Masturbation


Who ever would have guessed it? Did you know that sexual intercourse not only produces more sperm than masturbation, but also better quality sperm.

Several studies have shown that sperm ejected during intercourse contains between 70 and 120 percent more sperm. Not only does the sperm contain more sperm, but the sperm is also has a slightly higher motility and slightly more normal morphology than samples collected by masturbation. But it’s not only the amount of sperm that increases during sex, the volume of sperm also increases by between 25 to 45 percent.

Oddly though, the increases of both sperm and sperm is also greater for men who have oligospermia.  Oligospermia is a condition that affects some men and results in a lower concentration of sperm. This condition is common in male infertility.

Despite the finding that sex produces both more sperm and sperm than masturbation, science has failed to find an explanation, although some hypothesize that it could be the result intercourse subduing inhibition in the central nervous system.


3 No Sleep Is Bad For A Mans Sperm

No sleep, or specifically, a lack of significantly decent sleep can be detrimental to a mans sperm. Not only can it be bad for a mans sperm, but it can also have a serious impact of the entire reproductive process, including the sexual organs.

If you are a male who finds it hard to sleep or has broken sleep there is a chance that you will have significantly smaller balls and a lower sperm count than those who have a full nights sleep. Now if a lower sperm count is not that big of a concern for you, especially if you think it is a bonus because you can have a party life without the risk of starting a family, perhaps the small balls warning could ring alarm bells. There is nothing quite like looking at a Christmas tree with big decorations. The trees with small decorations are far less inviting and glamorous to look at.

In a recent study of 1000 men who were about to begin military service, it was found that men who have little sleep usually have a lower sperm count than those who have a full nights, or a decent amount of sleep. The study also showed that those same men also had smaller balls. The authors of the study made it clear they do not know why men who sleep less have smaller balls, but believe it may affect hormone levels.

Obviously the size of the balls has an impact of sperm production. It’s been a long held belief in the cattle industry which measures the size of bulls balls to determine just how virile the bull can be. The larger the package, the better a chance of good quality sperm. So by logic, if this is true, it should be the same theory for all mammals.

The researchers stressed that a lack of sleep had far reaching implications. Those who had little sleep were often had unhealthy lifestyles by being overweight, drinking alcohol more and being smokers.


4 Watching Adult Improves The Quality Of Sperm

sperm facts

If you are concerned about the quality of your sperm, perhaps because you don’t get much sleep, there is a way to actually make it better. You can improve the quality of your sperm by watching Adult. But before you go clicking around the web for your favorite Adult website, it’s not as simple and straight forward as you might think. In essence, if you want to watch Adult to make your sperm better, you better be watching the types of Adult that have a lot of dudes in them.

When men are watching Adult with many men in it they produce better sperm. In a study between 2 groups of men scientists discovered that the men who watched male dominated Adult produced better sperm. So why exactly would this be the case? There is a theory, and it could all have to do with evolution.

The reason for this dates back millions of years to our pre-history and evolutionary steps. In a group of many men there is competition. Generally the best and fittest male will produce offspring. But just producing offspring is no guarantee of the quality of children or themselves producing a successful lineage. The quality of the sperm, and hence the offspring of the most dominant male has more of a factor in producing generations of successful breeding.


5 Men Can Be Allergic To Their Own Sperm

Men Can Be Allergic To Their Own Sperm

This seems a little weird at first sight, but it’s a true medically recognized condition. Although it’s relatively rare, some men do suffer the condition, and it was first described only as recently as 2002. So how do men who are allergic to their own sperm react to it, and why don’t they have the same intolerance while the sperm is inside their bodies?

The debilitating symptoms usually set in within about thirty minutes following a climax, and have both physical and mental characteristics. The mental side effects are cognitive dysfunction, irritability, anxiety, depression, memory retention and many more. The physical ailments associated with the sperm allergy are fatigue, headache and flu like symptoms. Some patients also report bouts of feeling extreme heat and cold.

Most theories to these debilitating symptoms point to a mans allergy to their own sperm. The actual cause and why are up for debate. Some speculate that it could be caused by a lack of progesterone, blocked duct, or even gluten sensitivity.

For those suffering this unusual sperm allergy the news is not good. To date there is no formal treatment, and the best way to treat the condition is to abstain from sex.


6 Oral Sex Can Cause Throat Cancer


Oral sex can be a wonderfully pleasurable experience, but is it a dangerous one? There have been the occasional report of severed members and so forth, but nothing life threatening, or so it seems. That’s because oral sex can cause throat cancer. While sperm can be good for your teeth, are the other health risks worth it?

How can oral sex cause throat cancer?

In a study conducted over 20 years, scientists collected samples of 271 throat cancer patients and conducted examinations. The findings were somewhat surprising. It found that cancer caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) rose from 16 percent to 72 percent. HPV is one of the leading causes of cervical cancer, of which there is now a vaccine.

Lead study author Mary Gillison believes that the burden of HPV originated cancer will pass from women to men over the next decade. It is also thought that throat cancer caused by oral sex and HPV will surpass cancer caused by smoking by 2020 in men.


7 Sperm Theft Is A Real Thing

sperm theft

Why on earth would sperm theft be a real thing? I mean, come on. It’s sperm. Who in their right mind would ever want to steal sperm? Well, believe it or not, in the agricultural business sperm from cattle can be worth as much as gold, and depending on the market price of the precious metal, maybe even more.

In the cattle industry artificial insemination has become a mainstay of the industry. The best bulls are selected, “milked,” if you can put it that way, and then the “produce” is sent off to breeders. This process allows for the stronger and better features of the cattle to be passed on. It also presents a far greater chance of successful breeding, because the natural method can be a hit and miss affair. But above all else, owning a bull is cost prohibitive in todays market where there is a high demand for beef and dairy products. Avoiding the need to keep a bull as part of the farms stock allows farmers to focus on their core business, be it producing milk or beef.

It’s because of these measures that bull sperm has become a high demand product. The best quality specimens can fetch several hundred dollars per shot, and when a single shot of bull juice is less that half a milliliter, well it can start to add up very quickly. Even at the cheaper end of the market where a shot can be as cheap as $10, a liter of the stuff can be worth anywhere from $20,000 up. So imagine the value of good quality bull spunk at say $150 a shot. Steal only one liter of that funky goo and you won’t have to work again for another couple of years. The good goo is actually worth more than a similar quantity of gold.

What makes bull sperm theft difficult to combat is that most farms don’t have very good security, if any. And tracing the sperm after it has been used is a costly process.

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8 Hitler Used Bull Sperm As An Aphrodisiac

Hitler Used Bull Sperm As An Aphrodisiac

Well, Hitler really was quite the odd fellow. An artist at heart, he found a disturbing pleasure from world domination. From waging war to attempting to exterminate an entire people, he was as weird as he was madly demented and cruel. But he was still a man, and even though he wanted to appear to the German people as a demigod, he had human desires and needs. One of those desires was sex. But he had a couple of problems.

This is what happens when an old dude hooks up with a feisty young thing. Eva Braun was a lot younger than Adolf Hitler, and well, Adolf had a duty to provide his services to his mistress and later wife in the bedroom. But things didn’t run to plan. Being an insane warlord can take its toll on the body and mind, and in Hitlers case it was the bedroom that suffered.

Yep, Hitler couldn’t get it up. Even though he was the leader of Germany and its empire, and had whatever doctor he wanted at his disposal, the magical little blue pill was still some 60 years off being invented. The best the German ingenuity could come up with was bull sperm injections.

You read that right. Hitler was injected with bull sperm as an aphrodisiac. The theory was that bulls are naturally virile, so it made logical sense to inject such a powerful product into a man who needed a boost in the bedroom. What we don’t know is if it worked or not.

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Bonus Weird Sperm Incident

It’s all in the ingredients isn’t it? In 2011 a Albuquerque, New Mexico man was arrested after he was caught handing out yogurt samples tainted with sperm. Police took samples of DNA from the yogurt and linked the sperm tainted yogurt samples to him. What’s not known for sure is how many people came into contact with the tainted product.


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