Adult Star Sunny Lane Is Managed By Her Parents

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sunny lane parents

OMFG is this an odd and awkward one. Adult star Sunny Lane’s career is managed by her parents! No kidding, this is as messed up as it sounds. Personally I think that this is a step too far. Not only would they see their adult daughter naked, but they would also see her cavorting with multiple partners, engaging in all kinds of different sexual acts for the camera. Why is it that Sunny Lane’s parents manage her Adult career? Are they the typical helicopter parents, circling her every move, are they just looking for a piece of the limelight, or they just a pair of sick and twisted perverts?

The career and life of Sunny Lane could have been completely different had things panned out as she originally planned. A talented figure skater, she was in preparations for the Olympic trials when disaster struck her in the form of bunions. The recovery time after the surgery put her completely out of the picture for Olympic glory. So what does a fit, young and attractive girl do to support herself? Well strip naturally, because it can pay handsomely.

This was the first step to her becoming a Adult star. As it turned out, she was as talented in removing her clothes to music as she was balancing on thin blades on ice. Within her first year of erotic dancing she had won the Déjà Vu Showgirl of the Year award. The following year she was invited to attend the AVN which eventually resulted in a prosperous career in adult movies.

Now to the parents, Mike and Shelby Hodges. Well I don’t know about you, but even talking about sex with my parents was a difficult subject, and one which I preferred to avoid. Actually having them manage my sex on the other hand, well it’s just weird. This situation instantly reminds me of Jim Levenstein and his father from American Pie.

Sunny Lane herself is proud of the fact that her parents are so supportive of her decisions in life. Not only do they manage her Adult career, but she also lives with them in an apartment. Sunny believes that the reason they are so supportive is because they are very open minded people, no crap Einstein, and they are active naturists. In other words, they are nudists.

I do believe though, and many naturists would probably agree, that shedding ones clothes to get back to a more natural state has nothing to do with sex. Maybe they’re just very supportive parents.


sunny lane parents


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