The World’s Fastest Internet Connection Belongs to a 75 Year Old Swedish Woman

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world's fastest internet connection

Would you believe that the world’s fastest internet connection belongs to a 75 year old woman from Sweden? You might be thinking to yourself, “I’m connected to fiber, nothing is as fast as my connection,” but you’d be wrong. Sigbritt, the 75 year old woman from Sweden who has the world’s fastest internet connection, has speeds that are in general many thousand times faster than the average in which most people are connected. How fast is her connection speed? It’s a mind blowing 40 Gigabits per second! So how is this even possible, and who does she know that can get her connected so fast?

Well, Sigbritt isn’t connected with any government officials, nor is she friends with powerful corporate leaders. She has her son, Peter Lothberg to thank. In connecting her mother to the world’s fastest internet connection he was trying to convince internet operators to invest in faster connections. I admit that it does sound fairly convincing. How does it work?

According to Mr Lothberg it is a fairly simple technique. The new method makes use of a modulation technique that allows data to be transferred between two routers  that are up to 2,000 kilometers apart, intermediary transponders. This method provides for blistering fast connection speeds.

For an example of just how fast Sigbritt’s connection is, take not of these figures. She enjoys over 1,500 high definition television channels all at the same time. Yeah, that’s a little confusing, I know, but she can flick between the different streams without any buffering. Furthermore, if she gets bored at the lack of content at her fingertips, she can download a full length, high definition video in only two seconds. Two seconds. I’m not joking.

With internet connection speeds a hot topic ion so many places around the world we have a lot to learn from this one setup. Perhaps, in the not too distant future we can all be enjoying internet connection speeds like those enjoyed by Sigbritt.


world's fastest internet connection


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