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Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

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16 Game of Thrones Facts All Fans Should Know

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Well, like most of us she is capable of being in a relationship. And as many of us know, relationships sometimes break down, especially if you’re in the entertainment game. This is the unfortunate situation Lena finds herself in now. She is currently in the middle of a divorce. As a result both Lena and her son are living on credit. It would be hard to believe however, that a financial institution would refuse her credit, unless they have already read the books and know how long her character will remain in the show that is.

At least there are a couple of benefits that will come out of her being flat broke. Her lawyers will be rich beyond compare, and providing her character doesn’t meet an untimely demise in any upcoming episodes, she will likely recover from this monetary setback, be it a little poorer.



2 Nikolaj Coster-Waldau loves watching the YouTube video where Joffrey keeps getting smacked by Tyrion

We know that this list of for fans of the show, but perhaps we can convert a few on the way?

If you don’t know who Joffrey is then prepare to meet a villain. Towards the end of the first season he ascended to the throne of Westeros when his step father (yep, we’ll explain in a moment), king Robert Baratheon, surprise surprise, died. He was, how can we best describe the little shit? Perhaps one way of describing him is as a villainous prick with a taste for the inappropriate and sinister situation. He ordered men killed, tortured and killed prostitutes for fun, and ruled the mythical kingdom with an iron fist, and all at a young age. Perhaps it all came down to the little prick being inbred. That’s right, his predecessor wasn’t his father. His father was his uncle, or father or um… To hell with it! Lets just say he would have been right at home in a trailer park home than on the Iron Throne. Now back to the video.

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