There’s a Dexter’s Lab Adults Only Episode

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Did you know that there’s a Dexters Lab adults only episode? For those not in the know, Dexters Laboratory is a childrens cartoon about a genius kid who has a secret lab that he fills with amazing inventions. He, as the title suggests, is the main character and the protagonist of the show. The episodes mainly focus around his lab and his older sister, Dee Dee, who continually manages to gain access to his lab, no matter what security precautions he takes. Once in there she delights in playing with the gadgets, and often destroys Dexter’s inventions, normally by pressing the wrong button. Needless to say, this is highly annoying to Dexter and is the  focus of Dexter’s Lab adults only episode.

These days adult oriented cartoons are plentiful. There are shows such as the Simpsons, which you can read some cool facts about here, Family Guy, which we have a great list of facts about also and South Park. It’s also not that rare to find a show that was intended for a G or PG audience to be turned into an explicit adult episode, like what happened with this show. However, nothing was quite as bad as the R-Rated Galaxy Quest. But by now a lot of people would be wondering where this elusive episode is lurking as the cartoon series of Dexter’s Laboratory ended in 2003. Well, it was a one-off episode that was released a decade after the series came to an end.

The Dexters Lab adults only episode made its debut in 2013. It was designed for conventions, and to never be aired because of it’s very colorful tone. So what makes this episode not suitable for kids?

In this episode, Dexter develops a device to make his older sister, Dee Dee nice and polite because he feels that her rudeness is becoming restrictive. Nice idea, and it’s something that I think this world desperately needs. But, unfortunately, the device malfunctions, and it creates a nice and rude Dee Dee, and also a nice and rude Dexter. I think that you can see what happened next.

While the nice Dee was easy to handle for all age groups, the other one was about as foul-mouthed as this movie (number 9 on the list), and the episode didn’t hold back either. But it wasn’t only Dee Dee that pushed the limits, Dexter proved that he was a bit of a sinner too. At one point, he can be seen mooning the audience and he even says to Dee Dee that “this s**t is bloody great.” The weird thing, all of the swear words were bleeped out, and the Cartoon Network still refused to allow it to air. What the heck, watch it here or below.


Dexters Lab Adults Only Episode


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