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Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s Judge Doom Was the Man Who Killed Bambi’s Mother


Well here’s something that took me by surprise. The main antagonist in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Judge Doom, was the man who killed Bambi’s mother. Now for anyone that can recall either movie, both characters left a lasting distasteful impression on the audience. Even though the villain from Bambi, simply known as Man never physically appears on film once during the movie, viewers can tell that something revolving around him will happen when his music begins to play. This is in stark contrast to his possible later reincarnation in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, when he appeared throughout the movie regularly.

Man, the antagonist  from Bambi created one of the most tragic moments in any Disney film, if not all films in existence. The moment that Bambi’s mother was shot by a hunter left audiences shocked. While in human terms he is simply a hunter, to the animals he is stalking he is one of the most cold-blooded and cruel villains in the world. In fact, this portrayal of Man resulted in him being listed as number 20 in the American Film Institute’s list of the top 50 film villains of all time. It would make sense that another cruel antagonist from a later Disney film should be him.

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