12 Strangest Discoveries, Inventions and Creations Ever

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7 A Man Recreated An Entire Town With Gingerbread

Entire Town With Gingerbread

A man has re-created the entire town of Rostock in Germany out of gingerbread. The 400 square metre model (4,300 square feet) model was made with 800kg (1760lb) of flour, 320kg (705lb) of honey, 400kg (880 lb) of almonds, 80kg (175 lb) of raisins and 2400 eggs


8 The Biggest Ball Of Twine Ever Built

Biggest Ball Of Twine

Do you know what the biggest ball of twine ever built is? Who would have ever thought that such a record exists? Not only is there a record for the biggest ball of twine ever built, but it’s a contested title. That’s right. People with little more to do than waste massive amounts of time constructing mammoth balls seem to disagree which of them holds the record for the biggest ball of twine ever built. So what makes determining the record holder so difficult?

The problem with determining the title holder is that there are so many variables that were never taken into consideration when the balls started to be built. For instance, there’s the type f materials that have been used, the weight, length of twine used and the total circumference of the ball. It’s for this reason that the title is disputed. So what are the biggest ones known to man?

The four contenders for the biggest ball of twine ever built

James Frank Kotera (JFK), from Lake Nebagamon in Wisconsin has been making a ball of twine since 1979. He uses leftover twine from his neighbors bales of hay and can spend up to 4 hours a day working on it. It now weighs 8,770 kg (19,336 pounds) according to Kotera’s estimates. If this is correct it is the heaviest ever made.

Francis A. Johnson of Darwin, Minnesota lays claim to constructing the largest sisal twine ball ever. Johnson began building this ball in 1950 and continued on it every day for 29 years. It measures 3.7 m (12 feet) in diameter and weighs 7,900 Kg (17,400 pounds). It’s housed in a special glass building across from the town park. The town even celebrates the ball on the second Saturday in August every year.

Frank Stoeber of  Cawker City, Kansas thought that Johnson was onto a good thing and decided to launch a challenge. He never got to complete his challenge. He died in 1974 when it measured 3.4 m (11 foot) in diameter. But just because he died it doesn’t mean his dream did. The town constructed an open air gazebo over the ball. Every year in August volunteers contribute to making it even bigger. By 2006 it measured 8,111 kg (17,886 pounds), and had a circumference of 12 m (40 feet) .

J. C. Payne of Valley View, Texas rounds out our contenders for the title. He built one made of plastic. It’s now housed in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum. This ball of plastic twine was certified as being the largest ever by the Guinness Book of World Records in 1993. It measures 12.6 m (41.5 feet) in circumference, but because it’s made of plastic it is also the lightest.

So while these poor souls have been balling their lives away over twine, Weird Al” Yankovic wrote and performed a song presumably about the Minnesota ball of twine.

Who do you think deserves to hold the title?

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9 The Smallest US Constitution Ever

Smallest US Constitution Ever

Mr A. B. Rajbansh of India has written the entire US constitution in a 124 page book. Nothing too fancy about that, you say? The book measures only 2cm (3/4 inch) in length. It took him 196 hours and 25 minutes to write the document and it weighs only 2.17 grams. In other words, it’s tiny.

For the record, the original 4 page US constitution written in 1787 was 73 centimetres by 60 centimetres, according to the National Archives in Washington where it is stored. It has been amended 27 times since.


10 A Man Modified Crossbow To Fire From His Chin

Crossbow To Fire From His Chin

A man has modified the crossbow to fire from his chin, instead of from his shoulder where it is more commonly fired from. But why would he do this? In short, he wanted to use a crossbow, but couldn’t, so he became a designer.

A man in Minnesota who was paralyzed from the neck down has redesigned the crossbow. He can load, aim and fire it without any aid or limbs. He only uses his chin.

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11 A Woman Made Eye Lashes Out Of Fly Legs!


CREEPY! Could you do this? British artist Jessica Harrison has made eye lashes out of fly legs! She originally posted a video on Vimeo and it got a lot of attention and comments. She has also created mouth eyes which feature lips for lids. See picture above for the fly leg eye lashed.

What do you think? Does it creep you out?


12 Robots Are Being Used To Train Medical Students

Universities are now beginning to train medical students with a full size pregnant robot that can simulate giving birth. Before this development training was difficult and mainly theoretical until later in their degree. Although a robot can never replace the real thing it gives students the closest experience they would most probably have had to wait many years for. Have a look at the video of one being used at John Hopkins University above.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our list of the strangest discoveries, inventions and creations ever made.

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