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Longest Human Poop Ever Recorded Was an Amazing 26 Feet

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16 thoughts on “Longest Human Poop Ever Recorded Was an Amazing 26 Feet

  1. I should have recorded my poop. I know what child birth is like. I’ve taken 8 lb poops before. I have a flaccid colon, so I only poop 2 times a week. I once went 3 weeks without pooping, and when it finally happened after 2 entire bottles of Miralax it was 2 feet long, 5 inches wide, and weighed over 6 lbs. That was just the biggest log. That’s not including all the other poo that came out with it.

  2. I’m sure since he misread something he is massively retarded with deep reading comprehension issues.

    Give me a break.. and shut the hell up.

  3. NotEvenClose….is not even close to spelling “nobody’s” correctly. You know if the chick had a tighter asshole, she could have squeezed out a smaller diameter turd. Then she could have doubled her length to 52 feet.

  4. Your colon is 5-6 feet long. Trying to see the logic to this. Unless it was just full and as stated, squeezed out like a tube of toothpaste. Most of you are idiots.

  5. I just find that hard to believe! My wife is a nurse at a nursing home and she’s told me of incidents when some of her patients who went a couple of weeks without bowel movements eventually end up vomiting actual feces! I thought she was joking, but it actually occurs! They get so backed up that it’s gotta come out somehow. She says it smells worse coming out orally than it does coming from their anus!

  6. .This shit is funny as ! What kind of women takes a shit longer than my dick ! She is definitely ready for anal.

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